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Even though we try to make picking a hotel as easy for you as possible, we know that this task can sometimes be daunting. Fortunately, we know more than just giving you a list of the best hotels and stay-in locations in town. We’re equipped with all there is to know about picking your perfect hotel.


Know what is important for you

Have a list of the things you need. Is it a free breakfast? A wifi access? A parking space? A location in the heart of the city? Once you have a good grasp on what you are looking for, you can begin your filter selection process.

Be specific with your ideal amenities

Hotels offer varying amenities. So if these facilities and services are very important on your stay, consider these as you browse through our list. Make sure you check.

Visit the hotel’s website

To give you more details about a hotel (and check more photos about the property), head over to their online portal. They may have new offerings that are not reflected on Slovakia Booking’s page. For direct customer support, you may call the hotel too.


Determine the exact locationtravel

If you don’t know where your hotel is in relation to the places you wish to visit within the city, you will be facing lots of frustrations later on in your adventure. The best way to go about this is to check the hotel’s exact location using the map. It is also the easiest way to assess if it is accessible to your destinations and if the neighborhood is safe for travelers like you.

Read client reviews

Read guest reviews to give you a good sense of what to expect on your stay with a specific hotel. This might be the best tip we can offer for anyone looking for the best places to stay, as you’ll be able to find the underbelly of a hotel’s pros and cons.

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